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2020-03-25 LUX Lighting Co., Ltd. Successfully acquires KMDO Industrial Co., Ltd
2020-03-25 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)
2019-11-25 5G smart street light, completed and put into operation in the 5A level scenic spot
2019-11-25 Analysis of the current situation and development trend of VCSEL components market
2019-11-25 Perovskite LED luminous efficiency increased by 4 times
2019-11-25 2019 5G Application Scenario Research Report
2019-10-17 LEDTEC ASIA 2020
2019-10-17 Walmly welcome to visit our booth on Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia
2019-10-17 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)
2019-07-29 LED vertical farm flourishes
2019-07-20 5G technology lighting application
2019-07-20 Gas station is accelerating to switch to LED lights
2019-07-08 LED public lighting in the capital of Argentina
2019-07-08 Pakistan PKM highway project lighting project completed
2019-07-08 Spain's largest ICU equipped with spectrally tuned illumination
2019-07-08 Subsidized community underground parking lot to replace LED lights
2019-07-08 LED street lights and cameras installed in a US city
2019-07-08 Drop 10%! More underground electricity, non-residential lighting and other electricity prices
2019-07-08 Japan restricts three types of materials to supply or influence panel and semiconductor industries in Korea
2019-05-23 UK, Canadian cities promote the installation of LED street lights and smart lighting systems
2019-05-23 60-inch smart street light: equipped with 5G base station
2018-11-30 Walmly welcome to visit our booth on Miacon Construction Show, USA!
2018-11-30 Researchers develop OLED flexible wearable oximeter
2018-11-30 How 14000 Street Lights Turn San Diego into the Smartest City in America
2018-11-30 Japanese convenience store 7-11 plans to invest 367 million to set up a large plant
2018-11-05 What is affecting the light extraction efficiency in LED packaging?
2018-11-05 China-US trade war escalation How should Chinese LED companies respond?
2018-11-05 Disassembly of light distribution curve file
2018-11-05 UV LED market analysis
2018-11-05 Discussion on the technology and standard system framework of Internet of Things lighting
2018-11-05 Analysis of the impact of Sino-US trade war on China's lighting industry
2018-11-05 Interconnected lighting is bigger than you think
2018-11-05 Looking at the future of the lighting industry from the 2018 Hong Kong show
2018-08-09 LUX latest development of the new led High Bay Light (OSRAM 3030)
2018-04-10 New TGS series led flood light
2018-03-07 We are waiting for you at LIGHTFAIR International
2017-11-21 Research and Application Analysis of Solar LED Street Light System
2017-11-20 Industrial lighting rapid estimation method
2017-11-20 LED fresh light irradiation can extend the best color degree of meat products time
2017-11-20 Analysis of Four Control Technology of LED Intelligent Lighting
2017-11-20 What is the spectral parameter of LED plant light?
2017-11-20 How to analyze the failure of lighting LED?
2017-11-16 Fluctuation AC input caused by LED flashing solution
2017-11-16 LED dead lights in the end how many?
2017-11-15 Wisdom street lighting control system solutions detailed
2017-11-15 Quantum dot hybrid LED
2017-11-15 What is the life of a lamp?
2017-11-15 IOT-based intelligent LED lighting control system
2017-11-15 Comparison and Analysis of Five Type Radiators for LED Lighting Fixtures
2017-11-14 LED chips often encountered six major problems
2017-11-14 LED driver power of the correct selection method and device configuration
2017-11-14 How to solve the thermal problem of CSP package?
2017-11-14 How to carry out LED thermal management?
2017-11-14 PC in the LED tube application in the end stronger than the opponent in the end?
2017-11-14 Why digital control technology in LED dimming more dominant?
2017-11-08 "Black Technology" a new type of light-emitting diode that emits both light and external light
2017-11-08 The study found that perovskite nanocrystals can achieve both lighting and data communications
2017-11-02 Analyze the influence of lighting environment on visual function
2017-11-02 India will replace all traditional street lights for LED lights in East Germany
2017-10-13 LED light conversion technology
2017-10-13 Reflector cup & lens
2017-10-13 What are the pitfalls that general lighting should avoid when upgrading to LED?
2017-10-11 iPhone X ship delay, MicroLED commercial feasibility of how?
2017-05-22 Sunflower series 2016 New Products
2017-05-12 CIE Announces New Technology Report
2017-04-25 US media: night light shows that China's economy is better than official data
2017-04-20 NASA released the night view of the Earth Mito bright shining
2017-04-11 Lit only salt and water portable LED can be stored for ten years for about 80 hours
2017-04-11 Both light-emitting and can absorb external light source of the new light-emitting diodes
2017-04-11 Both light-emitting and can absorb external light source of the new light-emitting diodes
2017-04-10 2017 Milan show Italy FLOS lamps new bright bloom
2017-04-07 Implementation of the mandatory standards for generic lamps in the EU
2017-04-07 Using reverse light red LED irradiation grapes, saving 75% and more full of fruit
2017-03-24 LUX latest development of the new led High Bay Light (PHILIPS LUXEON TX)
2017-03-01 There is no demand for products, commercial lighting how?
2017-03-01 What is the price increase?
2017-03-01 Laser lighting will affect the trillions of industries
2017-02-21 Will the blue light of the LED light damage the eyes?
2017-02-21 The Netherlands began to pilot LED traffic lights on the sidewalk
2017-02-21 LED imports of things networking, intelligent street lights to save 70% of electricity
2017-02-15 Today and we talk about plant lighting related knowledge
2017-02-13 Intelligent LED constant current drive source
2017-01-13 Japan's latest research that purple light can inhibit myopia
2017-01-13 Shenzhen introduced a special plan to promote urban green lighting lighting development
2017-01-13 Montreal, Canada, 132,000 lights or will be transformed into LED lights
2017-01-09 LED enterprises should change their thinking
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